IPCNR is seeking partnerships with supporting partners who desire to be a part of its evangelism and church planting work in India. By partnership what we envisage is mutually beneficial relationships between the Northern Region and those leaders who share a common vision and can work towards the goal of building God’s kingdom in North India.  While recognizing the complexity of such partnerships, we also believe that it will provide a platform for mutual learning, leading to improved impact and benefit for the Lord’s work in North India.  


To ensure effective, healthy, respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships we require commitment and application of the following values that we believe are integral to our faith.

  1. Embracing servant leadership and rejecting the misuse of power and control.  This implies resisting the power of money and position to weaken and distort our partnerships.   
  2. Truthfulness in our partnerships, acknowledging the need for transparency and humility in all our dealings and communications with one another. It also implies making what we do consistent with what we say.  
  3. Humility in our partnership relationships that will enable us to learn from each other and value our different yet complementary roles.
  4. Being willing to trust one another in our partnership relationships, which involves risk and mutual accountability
  5. Strive to deal justly with one another in our partnership relationships, seeking to avoid the pitfalls of both dominance and manipulation.


Supporting partners will be given appropriate leadership positions in the area/state they have a burden to be involved in. The partnership guidelines will be as follows:


The supporting partners will be included both in the IPCNR Zonal as well as  General Council’s processes of developing vision, strategy and budgeting.


The supporting partners will promote the work in their areas of influence and will generate funds for developing the work in their assigned areas.

All such funding shall be routed through the Treasurer, IPC Northern Region and will be clearly earmarked for the particular area or need.


The supporting partners will ensure clarity and timeliness of all communications pertaining to plans and decisions regarding the area of their operation. The key person for all such communication will be the Vice-President of the Region.


Supporting partners are welcome to undertake field visits of their assigned areas and such visits will be arranged in consultation with the Evangelism Director of Northern Region

Duration of partnerships

IPC Northern Region recognizes the value of longevity in partnerships. As far as possible the Region will expect a partnership for a minimum period of 5 years.

Partnerships reviews

Northern Region recognizes the importance of a regularly reviewing of partnerships. Such review of partnerships can be undertaken at least once in every five years.